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Here we will be giving you lots of useful information relating to private health insurance, enabling you to gain a good understanding of what it involves and more importantly, how it can benefit you.

Health insurance has become increasingly popular recently due to NHS budget cuts and an increase in competitive pricing from private healthcare providers. There are many different types of private healthcare insurance so you're sure to find a package to suit your needs. From company health insurance to critical health insurance, all the best names (like BUPA and Simplyhealth) provide excellent cover for every type of customer, all at incredibly accessible prices.

Here are a few useful Q&A's relating to private healthcare:

Where should I start looking for private health insurance?

The best place to start looking for private health insurance is online. There are online sites which compare medical insurance prices and the majority will give you a good idea of price ranges. The cover tends to be listed as basic, medium or comprehensive and there will sometimes be listings of additional benefits or exclusions on there as well. For a more individual quote, contact the provider but first and foremost check out a comparison site so you get a good understanding of what is generally available.

Can all private medical insurance companies be accessed this way?

Some private medical insurance providers ask you go to them via a financial advisor, so you may need to approach one if the company you are interested in works in this way. Some companies also work independently so you will need to source them separately and contact them directly for a quote. It is still advisable to use the comparison sites first though so you can gauge general price ranges.

Can everyone get private medical insurance?

Everyone can purchase private medical insurance but the price will vary depending on your general health. There are lots of different options available and every company has different rules and regulations relating to cover. If you're ever dishonest about your health you will render your cover void, so it’s always worth being honest from the beginning so you can get a transparent policy quote that takes everything into consideration.

It can be difficult to know where to start when you're looking for private medical insurance but there is a lot of great information and advice available to you. The most important thing is taking your time to think it through and research it before you commit to anything. That way you will feel assured you have exactly the right type of cover for your needs.

To read more about private health care insurance, please visit the following link: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/healthcare_e/healthcare_private_healthcare_e.htm

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